My first APRS beacon received by ISS

Tonight (24th November 2020) I finally succeeded; the ISS has received my APRS beacon. Danny PD2WR gave me the correct settings for my TH-D74 portable radio and see there, success. Danny, thank you again.

The ISS came over late in the evening, the maximum elevation was just 26 degrees above the horizon. Yet this was sufficient to receive my beacon (as PA8S-7).

If you look closely at the map with the predicted path of the ISS, you will see that it would pass exactly in front of the moon. I tried to see the passage of the ISS in front of the moon but it turned out to be almost impossible. The passage lasted about a second and was almost invisible to the naked eye because the ISS was not illuminated by the sun during this passage. Because of this I couldn't see by eye when it would pass, looking at the clock and at the moon at the same time was a bit tricky. 😉

Predicted path of ISS overhead at my QTH on 24 November 2020 (Screenshot from Heavens Above Pro)
Proof that my beacon was received by the ISS. (Screenshot from