Frequencies for SSTV

On LF up to the lower part of UHF, i.e. between 160m and 70cm, the frequencies listed in the table below are often used for SSTV, i.e. Slow Scan Television. SSTV is a way for radio amateurs to transmit still video images (think of it as a photo) with a bandwidth no greater than that required for voice. For more information see Wikipedia.

The band plans allocate frequencies or frequency blocks where SSTV transmissions can take place, keep in mind the frequencies listed here are the internationally widely used ones. They may be different in each region or country, check with local authorities or national amateur radio associations.

The frequencies in the table are in MHz.

BandFrequencyModulationSSTV ModeRemarks
160m1.890LSBAnalogueCall frequency
80m3.730LSBAnalogueEurope call frequency
3.733LSBDigitalEurope call frequency
3.845LSBAnalogCall frequency
40m7.033LSBAnalogueCall frequency
7.040LSBAnalogueEurope call frequency
7.058LSBDigitalUsed in Europe
7.165LSBAnalogue/DigitalEurope call frequency
7.171LSBAnalogue/DigitalCall frequency
30m10.132USBAnalogueNarrow band (Popular mode: MP73-N)
20m14.230USBAnalogueCall frequency, most popular frequency
14.233USBDigitalCall frequency
14.240USBAnalogueEurope call frequency
15m21.340USBAnalogueCall frequency
10m28.260USBAnalogueCall frequency
6m50.680FMAnalogueCall frequency
50.950USBAnalogueCall frequency
4m70.230FMAnalogueNew band, frequencies not yet set
70.300FMAnalogueNew band, frequencies not yet set
2m144.500FMAnalogueCall frequency
145.550USBAnalogueCall frequency
145.600FMAnalogueCall frequency
145.800FMAnalogueARISS (ISS) Downlink frequency
70cm430.950USBAnalogueCall frequency

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