Worked PA Prefixes

There are many 'worked prefix' awards available but one that only focuses on the Dutch prefixes does not exist to my knowledge. That's why I started keeping track of which of the prefixes I have already worked on and confirmed. For the sake of clarity, this is not an official or recognised award as far as I know. It's just for my own amusement.

For the Netherlands the prefixes PA to PI have been allocated. PA to PH are available for radio amateurs and PI for associations and unmanned stations such as repeaters and beacons. In addition, for PA to PH all separating numerals are available, number 6 being predestined for special occasions. PI0 is a prefix which, as far as I know, will not be issued.

Since most PI prefixes are used by unmanned stations like repeaters, they shouldn't count. Only PI4 (Club Station), PI5 (Education) and PI9 (Special Station) are prefixes of manned stations and can facilitate a human-to-human QSO.

Besides the single digit separating numerals, other numbers can also be requested for special occasions, an example is PA75FREE on the occasion of 75 years of liberation and freedom. These prefixes do not appear in the table as they are not standard.

PINot issuedUnmannedUnmannedUnmannedConfirmedUnmannedUnmannedUnmanned

Does anyone have a good name for when this is ever going to be something 'official'? Worked Dutch Prefixes (WDP or WDPx), Worked PA Prefixes (WPAP or WPAPx) or … Give me a hint 😉