RF connector types

For amateur radio operators rf connectors are indispensable to interconnect radio equipment, antennas, measuring equipment and related components. Below is a table with the common RF connector types with additional information.

TypeFrequency range from DC to...Mechanical compatibilityRemarks
UHFMid VHF -Commonly known as SO-239 (Socket) and PL-259 (Plug). The name (UHF connector) comes from an era when UHF referred to frequencies above the HF (30 MHz) band.
BNC3 GHz-Mixing of 50Ω and 75Ω connectors is possible and should not damage the connectors.
DIN 7/168 GHz-Used in high power connections.
N18 GHz-Take care not to mix 50Ω and 75Ω connectors. Connecting the two variants together will damage the connectors.
SMA18 GHzPC 3.5 & 2.92 mmCheaper alternative to PC 3.5 connector.
PC 3.534 GHzSMA & 2.92 mm
2.92 mm40 GHzSMA & PC 3.5Also known as K connector