Famous or well-known radio amateurs

Most of us will remain hidden in anonymity for most of our lives. Yet there are those who are known outside the world of radio amateurs. Some are only known in their own country, but often also in other parts of the world.

There are plenty of lists of well-known or famous radio amateurs on the Internet. These lists are either focused on the USA (with people who are little known or unknown outside the USA) or contain radio amateurs who have been SK for decades.

Here I have a short list of a few (former) radio amateurs who are known in the Dutch-speaking part of the world.

Joe TaylorK1JTNobel prize in physics (1993)
Adam CurryK5ACC KF5SLNDutch/American radio presentator/DJ
Dennis TitoKG6FZX (Expired)First space tourist to ISS (2001)
Tim AllenKK6OTDAmerican Actor (e.g. Home Improvement)
Priscilla PresleyN6YOS (Expired)Ex-wife of Elvis Presley
Dirk FrimoutON1AFDFirst Belgian astronaut (Mission STS-45 Space Shuttle Atlantis)
Frank De WinneON1DWNSecond Belgian astronaut, first ESA astronaut to command a space mission
Sven van VeenPA5VENDutch DJ (DJ Sven), known for the hit 'Holiday Rap' with MC Micker G
Wubbo OckelsPE1LFO SKFirst Dutch astronaut (Mission STS-16-A Space Shuttle Challenger)
André KuipersPI9ISSDutch astronaut on board the ISS, Callsign while on board the ISS
Joe WalshWB6ACUAmerican guitarist, singer and songwriter. Member of the rock band Eagles
Steve WozniakWV6VLY (Expired) WA6BND (Expired)Co-founder of Apple Inc.
Mark ShuttleworthZS1RSAFounder of Canonical (Company behind Ubuntu), Callsign while on board the ISS