My QSO Distances

I want to see what distance I have crossed with my QSOs, in what direction and when. All separated by band.

Distance versus azimuth

This diagram shows the distance I've covered versus the azimuth of the contact, separated by band. The map I use is an azimuthal equidistant projection with my QTH in the centre.

Distance Azimuth per Band

QSO time versus distance

This diagram shows my QSOs plotted in QSO time versus distance of the contact. The vertical scale is logarithmic so contacts nearby can be distinguished from far distant contacts.

Distance vs Time, per band

Shortest and longest distance record per band and mode.

FT819km PA9CC JO32BH

891km LB8OH JP20VL
19km PA3CPS JO32BH

2812km CT3MD IM13TB
224km ON6MU JO20AW

1481km OH6FSO KP12EO
5km PC9F JO32BM

18434km ZL3IO RF80LF
913km SP9UPH JO90JH

1604km LA1PHA JP76BH
5km PA8KW JO32BM

16408km VK3BOB QF22
12km PA7ZZ JO22XK

11604km LW2EIY FF77RU
19km PA3CPS JO32BH

7908km CM2RSV EL83TC
12km PA7ZZ JO22XK

3450km R8CA MO06DK
19km PA3CPS JO32BH

12081km CE2SV FF47FA
1025km F9PK JN23QG

1820km EA4C IM68MU
JT651714km R1CBW KO59GW

1714km R1CBW KO59GW
2640km RX4CD LO22QH

2640km RX4CD LO22QH
JT9116km PE4BAS JO33JK

116km PE4BAS JO33JK
1633km YO8CRU KN36KN

3572km RA9CUU MO17MQ
628km G8AFN IO80QW

11869km LW5DR GF01PK

1544km OH6BA KP21OT
81km PA3AGN JO22OA

3051km EA8BBJ IL39GD
120km PA5DX JO22GA

11788km YC3COY OI62IM
1940km SV1CQN KM08QO

5772km TR8CA JJ40QL
PSK31793km F4HER JN06CL

793km F4HER JN06CL
When the minimum and maximum are equal, only one QSO has been made and confirmed on the band/mode combination. The measured distances are between the centres of the grid squares, they can differ a few kilometres with measuring the actual distance between two stations.

The graphs and table on this page are generated by analysing my LoTW logbook. The ARRL’s LoTW does not record separate sub-modes and combines sub-modes as MFSK or DATA. Sub-mode FT-4 is grouped together with other modes like e.g. Olivia and Contesta as MFSK and JS8 is grouped together with other data modes as DATA.