A lot can be said about propagation…

The very first thing I noticed when I got interested with propagation was a vast number of websites displaying charts and grids related to HF propagation conditions, but I didn’t really understand them at first at first. There are more types of measurements about the Sun’s activities than most care to understand, but there are a few ones that are very important to learn if you want to be able to understand a propagation report.

Richard Corbeil VE2XIP

We are now (2nd half of 2020) slowly climbing out of the dip in solar activity. For many, the effects of this solar activity on radio traffic are still a kind of black magic. The same goes for me. Others, through years of experience, have gained a good understanding of these effects. These effects, and the propagation associated with them, are well described in detail elsewhere.

On the propagation subpages I will mainly mention my experiences with radio propagation.