Welcome fellow radio amateurs and enthusiasts on the website of PA8S. This website is my public spot on the internet where I shall publish some information about my hobby as a radio amateur. It will contain information about the equipment I use, the Ham related projects I work on and give an insight in some of the achievements I've accomplished and statistics about my QSOs. Furthermore will this site contain information I use for personal reference, I just share them with you.

At the moment I'm mainly using digital modes on HF. This give me a good opportunity to get acquainted with the radio, the radio etiquette and most importantly the effects of propagation. The year 2020 is my first year as a licenced radio amateur, this year also marks the beginning of a new solar cycle. So my first experiences with propagation I gained during the sunspot minimum.

Most of the time I'm QRV on one of the HF bands in digital mode and I have often a radio tuned at one of the local and regional repeater frequencies on 2m and 70cm. These repeaters are PI2KMP, PI2NON and PI3MEP.

Whenever you see some errors or mistakes I've made on this site, please contact me so I can correct these. You may of course contact me for whatever you want to ask or report. I'd like some feedback about this website as it is my first attempt to set up a site like this.

For QSL information, go to this page.

Hope to meet you on RF.

73, Alexander PA8S