Learn Python to analyse ADIF logbooks

Nowadays almost every radio amateur uses a digital logbook. Where one keeps his or her log private, others may publish all or part of the log online. The de facto standard in the digital exchange of (parts of) the logbook is the ADIF format.

I'm in the process of writing a tool which will analyse my logbook. This tool will extract and compile the data from my ADIF logbook and represent the results in tables and charts. A number of charts are generated by my tool, some other charts are generated via a chart provider but with data from my logbook. The most interesting tables and graphs will be published on this website, near real-time where possible.

One way to display charts nicely on a website is with chart.js and highcharts.js. Some of the charts on the website are now displayed via one of these two libraries with a table, generated by my tool, as input. Ultimately, my tool is intended to generate these charts directly without the intervention of a table file and externally hosted libraries.