Here I will collect some of my projects, directly or indirectly related to amateur radio. Maybe the term projects is a bit exaggerated for some of the items I describe here but this place is where it fits best on the website. For now this collection mainly serves as my own reference but can be of use to everyone.

Learn Python to analyse ADIF logbooks

Nowadays almost every radio amateur uses a digital logbook. Where one keeps his or her log private, others may publish all or part of the log online. The de facto standard in the digital exchange of (parts of) the logbook is the ADIF format. I’m in the process of writing a tool which will analyse …
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Linux and Icom IC-7300

Since Linux is my primary operating system I use on my desktop and laptop, I have only done the necessary actions for Linux to get the Icom IC-7300 properly connected. Please don’t ask me how to do this on a Windows computer, I really wouldn’t know. The first action is to create a serial device, …
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Creating a website

The first thing on my list regarding this website is….. creating the actual website. Creating a radio amateur themed website means that a number of topics need to be covered. The topics are of interest to me personally or are meant to show others what I do as a radio amateur. For example, it can …
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