Kenwood TH-D74E

My second handheld is a Kenwood TH-D74E. A more high-end radio, compared to my AnyTone, with a wider reception range (including HF in CW, SSB and AM) and D-STAR capabilities on VHF/UHF. Next to this the TH-D74E has support for (I think) the complete APRS protocol, e.g. it can also receive APRS data. With this handheld I can use APRS as it was designed, not just for position reports.

The reception on 2m and 70cm with the stock antenna could be better compared to my AnyTone (with the Nagoya NA-771 antenna), therefore I will look into good replacement for this stock antenna. Does anyone of you have a suggestion for a good replacement antenna?

To get all relevant software and documentation for the TH-D74, go to the Kenwood website.