10/20/40m End-Fed antenna

I don't have the luxury of being able to place a high antenna mast, therefore I started looking for an easy to place and yet good to use HF antenna. The End-Fed antenna seems to be a good choice so this is my main antenna currently (since summer 2020), an End-Fed designed for 10, 20 and 40m. As it is my first wire antenna I've bought this as a kit so I have a good start. This kit included the wire (obviously), parts to make the 1:49 transformer and the extension coil for 40m.

With the help of an antenna analyser I've managed to have the SWR of all three bands better than 1:1.2. The antenna is installed in a slope configuration with the feed point halfway the roof of the house (± 8m above ground) and the end of the antenna halfway the garden at about 4m height.

To be able to work on other bands as well, I use an external Daiwa HF tuner.

Below is a picture of the assembled end-fed antenna with and without a description of the components, use the slider from top to bottom.