Call sign registration confirmed

It is official, from now on I will be known on the air (and a bit on the internet) as PA8S 😉 . The results of the exam of 8 January, see this post, are confirmed by the governing body here in The Netherlands and my requested call sign is assigned to me.

I have not chosen an arbitrary call sign, it had to meet two conditions. Firstly, I wanted a short call sign. And secondly, the call sign had to be personal, in that it had to contain my name or (part of my) initials. So I succeeded. My call sign has the format type 2x1, which is the shortest format available in the Netherlands. As a regular call sign, the 2x1, 2x2 and 2x3 format types are available here in the Netherlands.

Then the personal meaning of my call sign, PA is the first prefix for the Netherlands. The A is also the first letter of my first name which consists of 8 other letters. Finally the S represents my last name. In summary my call sign has become PA8S. Nice and short, I like it.

At the moment I am not skilled to send and receive Morse code, apart from a few loose symbols. Still, I looked at how my call sign sounds in Morse. I also found out that my call sign has a CW call weight of 48. Wandering around on the internet I read that one group says that this is an important value, how easy and fast the call can be sent. Others say it doesn't matter that much. First I will have to learn to send and receive Morse code myself before I can give my opinion on it. Until then, I will just take it for the record.